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Russian Language for Foreigners

We invite you to study Russian as a second language at the American Club of Education. Enjoy a rewarding educational experience at Russia's leading language school. We are absolutely sure our Russian language courses meet the highest standards of quality education. Our staff of teachers consists of highly qualified Russian and American teachers with vast experience of teaching Russian as a second language. Regardless of your current knowledge of the Russian language, whether you want to start learning Russian from the very beginning, study specific grammatical structures in depth, gain fluency, improve pronunciation, practice spoken Russian language or even learn Russian business terminology, our staff of Russian and American teachers guarantees excellent results in only one month. Our teachers are currently working with a large number of foreign companies including: Philip Morris (Moscow and Washington DC), Diplomatic Language Services (DC), FSI (Foreign Service Institute at the State Department), Samsung Electronics, Russian Aluminum, Baltika, Liggett-Ducat LTD, Microsoft and others. Lessons are held in groups of 3 or 6 students or individually, on and off school premises. Lesson schedules are flexible for your convenience. We have a luxuriously furnished centrally heated and air conditioned school building in the center of Moscow to make lessons held on school premises as comfortable and relaxing as possible for our students.

Our philosophy:

  • We realize that every student has unique language abilities. Our system quickly and accurately assesses students written and oral capabilities, to place each student in the appropriate level. If you are in the perfect level, you will learn effectively and quickly.
  • Students don't have unlimited time or resources. Consequently, we strive to offer an environment that allows our students to study as intensively and efficiently as possible.
  • Our courses, schedules and fees are all carefully managed to benefit our students as much as possible.

јнглийский ¤зык в специализированных сферах

  • Маргарита - Готовилась к экзамену IELTS в этой школе.
  • Евгений - Рекомендую центр тем, кому нужен специализированный английский.
  • Сергей - Хорошая школа, хорошие преподаватели и понятное, результативное обучение
  • Елена - Всем рекомендую American Club of Education, потому что это единственный на мой взгляд центр
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Адрес: Москва, м. "Арбатская"
Мерзляковский переулок, д. 13/3
Телефон: +7(495) 223-7027
Время работы:пн-пт, 10:00-22:00
сб-вс, 10:00-18:00