Maria M.

Maria M.

Maria M - преподаватель английского языка в American Club of Education ✔

Professional teacher (2 MA degrees in teaching languages and literature), writer and translator.

I have always known I would become a teacher. Hated my own English teachers at school seeing as how little they were giving to students, and promised myself to become an opposite of them.

During any course, my students learn much more than they expect from themselves. As a writer and translator, I travel a lot participating at international culture events, and therefore can share with you the living experience of the use of language in different countries and social circles.

Looking forward to seeing you at my class and helping you learn and love English!


  • Опыт преподавательской деятельности: 9 лет
  • Образование: 2 MA degrees in teaching languages and literature (The Russian State University for the Humanities, Maxim Gorky Literature Institute), CELTA Pass A certified. Currently working on my PhD.
  • Интересы: My main interests are literature, contemporary art, theatre, cinematography. I travel a lot all over the world representing our country at different literary events as a writer, translator and contemporary poetry researcher. At the same time, I’m the opposite of a “nerd”, love sport, meeting new people and adventures.
  • Ключевые навыки: Expert at teaching English grammar, literary translation. Love teaching Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels where I can make my students heroes from zeroes. I teach very intensively, and at the end of the course you’ll be surprised how much you know.
  • Личные качества: Intelligent, energetic, and at the same time very patient.
  • Что привлекает в профессии преподавателя английского: I come from a family of university professors. Decided to teach English because I know that I can give my students much more than they usually get and expect to get.
Maria M - преподаватель английского языка в American Club of Education ✔

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Olga Olga Общий курс

Занятия с Марией проходят на позитиве, а для меня очень важно с каким настроением учиться.

Мария использует индивидуальный подход и смогла разговорить такого интроверта как я!)

Чувствую у себя прогресс в обучении.

Алексей Маевский Алексей Маевский

Лучший преподаватель из тех, с кем мне приходилось изучать язык. Очень интересный и креативный подход к занятиям, а не банальная последовательная прогулка по главам учебника. Впервые почувствовал прогресс в изучении языка.

Наталия Наталия

Замечательный преподаватель! Занятия не только очень информативные, но и интересные, "живые".


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