Преподаватель Ethan

I have been teaching English professionally for over 6 years. I use creative and innovative techniques to teach students.

I am available for independent tutoring and online classes of general and business English.

I set up each lesson plan uniquely so each student has the best tools to suit their personal needs to achieve their goal therefore giving the highest possible success rate for each student.

I manage my classroom with enthusiasm to keep students inspired and excited to learn. I strive to encourage the learners to look forward to coming to the lesson.

I achieve the best results for each student taking my class through these standards.

  • Опыт преподавательской деятельности: 7 лет
  • Образование: The Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages
  • Интересы: In my spare time, I enjoy meeting up with my friends and family. Also playing sports (football, tennis, etc.), chess and solving puzzle games. Drawing, sketching and painting
  • Ключевые навыки: Общий английский, бизнес английский, специалист по грамматике, преодоление языкового барьера
  • Личные качества: I describe my personality as generous. I take pleasure in sharing something with other people and I am ready to help them at any time. I am organized and punctual too and I am happy when things happen on time, according to the schedule.
  • Что привлекает в профессии преподавателя английского: Being a teacher gives a possibility to learn together with students, because we live in terms of new technologies and modern teachers should use them in their work. That's why teacher is not only an educator, but also a learner. And I have found that one of the advantages of the job is that it enables me to find work almost anywhere in the world.
Преподаватель Ethan

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Ethan Ethan



10:00 - 12:15

10 Ноября

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9 300 /мес.

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