Преподаватель Arpy

What makes a good teacher? 

English proficiency, pedagogical knowledge, social-active skills, passion and enthusiasm of the subject, excellent preparation, the ability to build caring relationship and being respectful to the students are very important qualities for teaching English.

I don’t want to sound boastful but I can surely say I am a good Teacher! :)

  • Опыт преподавательской деятельности: 11 лет
  • Образование: University master degree in Linguistics
  • Интересы: I enjoy teaching, meeting new people, having intellectual, interactive discussions. I love listening to music, reading books and most of all playing with my kids
  • Ключевые навыки: General English, Business English, IELTS, English for Presentation
  • Личные качества: “Respect others to gain respect in return”. Every single thing is important in my lesson. I have caring attitude, individual approaches to my students. I’m creative, upbeat, patient, respectful, to all my students and always prepared for my lessons.
  • Что привлекает в профессии преподавателя английского: “Teaching is not only a job of a living, it is also living for the job”. I’m passionate about teaching and working with people, encouraging them to climb up the ladder of success. In this profession everything inspires me. Thank you!)
Преподаватель Arpy

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Иван Иван Общий курс

Обучаюсь в данной школе уже не первый месяц.

Всё нравится, разнообразные занятия и подход преподавателя к обучению меня полностью устраивает.

Очень хорошая подача материала.


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